Collaboration in Singapore (2017)

The Singapore ‘D’ Monologues

by Kaite O’Reilly

Kaite O’Reilly recently received a major Unlimited International award to fund a new collaborative production with partners in Singapore including Peter Sau, Lee Lee Lim, Grace Khoo, and Ramesh Mayappan (working between Singapore/Glasgow). The other members of the UK creative team include performers Sara Beer and Sophie Stone, and director, Phillip Zarrilli. During the initial R & D period between 1 May and 1 October 2017, the Singapore team are conducting interviews with the disabled communities of Singapore—material which O’Reilly will shape into fictional monologues to be developed for performance. Ramesh Mayappan will be the visual theatre director.

Public work-in-progress showings are scheduled in Singapore for 30 September/1 October 2017. Pending final funding, the work will premiere in Singapore in May 2018, with performances in the UK in September 2018.