In addition to O’Reilly’s COSY for Cork Midsummer Festival, I’ll also be directing Aeschylus’ ORESTES, further adapted from the Charles Mee version by Phillip Zarrilli/Kaite O’Reilly for a wonderfully international group of ten actors at the Intercultural Theatre Institute, with performances at the ESPLANADE THEATRES ON THE BAY STUDIO scheduled for November 7-9, 2019.

Other performances MAY YET BE ANNOUNCED…so watch this space!



‘Processes of imagining’

Phillip Zarrilli & Kaite O’Reilly

At the Tyn y parc CVN Kalari/Studio

Llanarth, Wales


This summer’s annual intermediate/advanced intensive will focus on the relationship between the preparatory psychophysical training and ‘processes of imagining’. At the heart of any creative process is the ‘work’ of ‘imagining’. How can we better understand processes of imagining in our embodied work on stage, and in the creative process? Processes of imagining will be explored (1) through application workshop exercises led by Phillip; (2) through writing exercises led by Kaite; and (3) in occasional talks/discussions in/around issues of ‘imagining’, and ‘imagining’ as a phenomenon and process.


The focus of this year’s annual summer intensive is a result of Phillip’s ongoing process of reflection on the acting as a phenomenon and process, and a chapter in his new book. (toward) a phenomenology of acting which he expects to submit to Routledge Press some time in late January, 2019.




Dates: 15-26 July, 2019


Monday 15 July: Arrivals by 18:00-19:00 for evening meal


Tuesday 16 July: 10:00-13:00 Training session 1; 15:00-18:00 Training session 2


Wednesday 17 July through Thursday 25th daily schedule [except for half-day off at some point]: 

10:00-13:00 morning training session 

15:00-18:00 application and/or workshops with occasional talks/discussions


Friday 26 July:

            10:00-13:00 final morning session

            14:00 Departures after lunch



Note: due to production/rehearsal obligations either side of the dates of the Summer Intensive, there will be no Beginner’s Intensive in 2019, and we will complete our time together on Friday 26thrather than Saturday 27th.


COSTS: (on-site 720 [fully waged] 660 [not fully waged]; Off-site  620 [fully wages] 560 [not fully waged] 

What's UP??? Toward the end of 2018 and into 2019...At work on...'The Voicing Body and Sonorous Speech'

It’s early October, 2018. It’s autumnal…leaves are beginning to turn, and fall…

I’ve just completed 9 months of (wonderfully) intensive creative/production work with Kaite O’Reilly as we developed, staged, and toured internationally with two major new world premiere productions of The Llanarth Group: AND SUDDENLY I DISAPPEAR—O’Reilly’s remarkable series of ‘d’ Monologues first staged at the Gallery Theatre (National Museum of Singapore, produced in association with Access Pathways in Singapore) in May with our Singaporean colleagues.


At work in Singapore last May on one of the Kaite O’Reilly’s monologues, ‘Red Scarf’ with the delightful Agnes (one of the ensemble members) toward the world premiere. Along with the world premiere performances in the Gallery Theatre at the National Museum of Singapore, we also gave a special ‘live-streamed’ performance (via the HowlRound platform at Emerson College, Boston, USA). Our videographer, James Khoo work with Associate Producer Nat Lim to organise and manage this herculean effort to share the performance with live audiences gathered in the Philippines, Taipei, and Hong Kong. It was a bit nerve wracking, but worked a treat!

Directing the three camera live-streamed performance from the hallway outside the Gallery Theatre.

Directing the three camera live-streamed performance from the hallway outside the Gallery Theatre.

We then re-staged AND SUDDENLY I DISAPPEAR with two completely new UK cast members who joined our core cast of four on stage for UK premiere performances as part of the Purcell Room Southbank Centre’s (London) UNLIMITED FESTIVAL (5-6 September) and on a limited UK tour to Oxford, Leicester, and Cardiff. Katie Bingham joined us as our UK stage manager and did a herculean job throughout! We had a wonderful response from audiences as well as reviewers.

With only two days rest after completing the AND SUDDENLY I DISAPPEAR UK tour, we were back into re-rehearsing richard III redux featuring the wonderful Sara Beer for an invited performance as part of the Grenzenlos Kultur Festival at the Mainz Stadt Kleines Theater in Germany. Thankfully, the wonderful Katie Bingham joined us for richard III redux in Mainz.

At work in Chapter 5!!!

At work in Chapter 5!!!

OCTOBER, 2018: Reflection/Reading/Writing/Talking

Now…time to breath, take stock away from the pressure of production work…and to focus this month on my writing as I continue to reflect on acting as a phenomenon and process in toward a phenomenology of acting. So all of October I am at ‘home/office/studio’ reading and writing. A luxury! Working on Chapter 5 today, ‘The voicing body and sonorous speech’ in which I focus on my work in 2017 on Beckett’s Footfalls with Costa Rican actresses, Milena Picado and Erika Rojas. HOPING to complete this as well as Chapter 6 on temporality this month, and HOPING to complete the entire manuscript by the end of December! Looking forward toward publication in 2019 or early 2020 at the latest.

I’ll be back to the Drama Department in Exeter on 17 October to give a talk based on Chapter 4 of my book: ‘Subjectivity, Self, Character, and Figure in Performance’. Look forward to interaction with colleagues there about this ongoing project.

NOVEMBER, 2018: ‘On the Road’ in Ireland and Norway

From November 4-10 Bernie Cronin at Gaitkrash in Cork, Ireland, and on the faculty at University College Cork have invited Kaite O’Reilly and I for a week-long intensive residency working with students on the new MA program there. I’ll be leading intensive training sessions, while Kaite will lead writing workshops. Kaite will give a major public lecture, and I’ll give a lecture as well from my new book (as noted above!). We’ll also be working on a staged read of Kaite’s COSY, hoping to attract full funding for a long hoped for production of COSY in Cork in 2019. Sara Beer who played the wonderfully quirky role of Maureen—the outsider to the family—in the world premiere at Wales Millennium Centre, will join us. We have a wonderful Cork-based cast playing the family. Fingers crossed the funding comes through.

The final two weeks of November I’m returning to the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrickstadt for a two week intensive training, with application of the principles to structured improvisations and Sarah Kane’s 4:48 Psychosis. Jeungsook Yoo will fly in from Seoul to work with me. And Kaite and I will be part of a two day seminar organised by NTA on ‘Elders’…Looking forward to also seeing some of the students from NTA I’ve worked with in the past who have graduated!

Into 2019

Plans are afoot for a visit to Soledad Garry Rubio at RESAD in Madrid, hopefully late February/early March. The summer intensive is about to be scheduled for July, and other plans will be announced as/when confirmed!

AND SUDDENLY I DISAPPEAR: UK premiere 05-12 September

Neither Victim or Villain: Presenting difference and disability with a renewed perspective

And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologues: 

Visually stimulating, multilingual performance about difference and diversity from opposite sides of the world premieres on UK stage


05-06 September: Purcell Room Southbank Centre, London 7:45pm (www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/festivals-series/unlimited

08 September: Old Fire Station, Oxford 7:30p (www.oldfirestation.org.uk/whats-on)

09 September: Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester 7pm (www2.le.ac.uk/hosted/attenborougharts/whatson)

11-12 September: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff 8pm (www.chapter.org)


Grace Khoo (Singapore), Ramesh Meyyappan (UK) and Peter Sau (Singapore) Photography Credit Wesley Loh. Singapore.

Grace Khoo (Singapore), Ramesh Meyyappan (UK) and Peter Sau (Singapore) Photography Credit Wesley Loh. Singapore.


 A new production by award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reilly will have its UK premierefollowing its triumphant world premiere at the National Museum of Singapore Gallery Theatre (May 2018). And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologues will be performed 5-6 September 2018 at the Unlimited Festival, Purcell Room, Southbank Centre (London: 7:45pm), with additional performances at The Old Fire Station (Oxford: 8 September, 7:30pm), Attenborough Centre (Leicester: 9 September, 7pm), and Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff: 11-12 September, 8pm).


Selected for the Unlimited International Commissions for 2017/18, And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologuesis an international theatrical dialogue of difference, disability, and what it is to be human, from opposite sides of the world. Kaite was compelled to write these monologues as an alternative to the clichéd, often problematic representation of Deaf and disabled characters on stage and screen. With her Unlimited international commission and talented cast of Deaf and disabled performers, And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologues seek to challenge prevailing negative or 'inspirational' images of disability with punch, poignancy, and a sly wit.

This work is innovative in its form, multilingual and intercultural in its nature, mingling spoken, projected and visual languages - interweaving English with some Mandarin, Welsh and British Sign Language sequences. The company consists of pioneering artists exploring new theatre languages and form, with the aesthetics of access – audio description, captioning, sign language – at the very heart of the work. Poignant, provocative, with passion and sly wit, stories of difference are told live and via video in unexpected ways, reveling in all the possibilities of human variety.


Sophie Stone (UK) and Peter Sau (Singapore)

Sophie Stone (UK) and Peter Sau (Singapore)

The show isn’t about access, it’s about the innovative use of theatre languages - mixing visual and spoken storytelling in dynamic form. There’s no static sign language interpreter in the corner of the stage, but live and pre-recorded sequences that tell little-known stories physically and visually in multiple languages, with creative captioning throughout.


Inspired by previously unrecorded lived experience in the UK and Singapore, this production sets an important precedent: the first multilingual, intercultural theatre project created between the UK and Singapore - led, created, written, directed and performed by Deaf and disabled artists. 


Kaite began her explorations of the monologue form in 2008, on a Creative Wales Award, courtesy of Arts Council Wales. As part of the development, she had interactions with world class exponents of the form, including Eve Ensler, who immediately gave her ‘vagina envy’ with her monologues and V Day. Kaite has always loved the notion of disabled and D/deaf performers all over the world presenting with pride and political urgency texts which did not reduce them to parodies, metaphors, villains, or inspiration porn stars. Perhaps now, with the presentation of ‘And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore/UK ‘d’ Monologues’and the publication of these texts by Oberon, steps are being taken towards a ‘d’ day, celebrating difference, diversity, disability, and other delicious ‘d’s….


Award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reillyand internationally respected director Phillip Zarrillilead the team. The cast includes Singaporean collaborators Peter Sau and Grace Khoo, veteran disability arts practitioner Sara Beer (UK), Deaf UK-based Singaporean Visual Director Ramesh Meyyappan,performer Garry Robson(UK), a leading figure in disability arts and introducing Macsen McKay (UK). The performance aesthetic makes extensive use of pre-recorded video, featuring Sophie Stone(UK) in visual and spoken languages.


Kaite O’Reilly, Lead Artist, Playwright:

“I feel immensely privileged to lead this important exchange and theatrical dialogue between our two small nations: Wales and Singapore. Telling atypical stories about atypical people, this project sets an important precedent as the first piece of disability art to be made in Singapore, then touring to the UK. It celebrates what it is to be human - in all its diverse possibilities. 



Jo Verrent, Senior Producer (Unlimited): 

“Kaite O’Reilly’s 'And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore 'd'Monologues’ is exactly the kind of work Unlimited exists to support - high quality, provocative, challenging - and not just in relation to the disabled artists involved, or the innovative access elements planned to enable a greater number of disabled audience members to benefit. The biggest impact is the change in theatrical form that occurs when you truly embed disability-led creativity in the heart of the work, and that benefits us all.”



For more information please contact Rachel Kinchin rachel.kinchin@hotmail.co.uk/ 07769 290369 or Kaite O’Reillykaitekor@aol.com/ 07775944345



And Suddenly I Disappear: The Singapore ‘d’ Monologuesis commissioned and supported by Unlimited, with funding from Arts Council of Wales and British Council. 


Kaite O’Reilly



About Kaite O’Reilly

Kaite O’Reilly is a leading figure in disability arts and culture in the UK. She recently was awarded Culture Woman of the Year in Wales for her work in diversity and disability arts in Chwarae Teg’s Womenspire18. As a playwright, radio dramatist, writer and dramaturg, she has won many awards for her work, including the Peggy Ramsay Award for YARD (The Bush, London), Manchester Theatre Awards best play of the year for Perfect (Contact Theatre), Theatre-Wales Award for peeling (Graeae Theatre company) and the Ted Hughes Award for new works in Poetry for her reworking of Aeschylus’s Persians for National Theatre Wales in their inaugural year. She received two Cultural Olympiad Commissions for In Water I’m Weightless, produced by National Theatre Wales and Southbank Centre as part of the official festival celebrating the 2012 London Olympics/Paralympics, an Unlimited commission. 

She is the patron of Disability Arts Cymru, and DaDa (Disability arts Deaf arts). Dramaturg for The Llanarth Group, she co-creates work internationally with renowned theatre director Phillip Zarrilli. 





About Unlimited

Unlimitedis an arts commissioning programme that aims to embed work by disabled artists within the UK and international cultural sectors, reach new audiences and shift perceptions of disabled people. Unlimited has been delivered by the disability-led arts organisation Shape Arts and arts-producing organization Artsadmin since 2013, and is funded from 2016-20 by Arts Council England, Arts Council of Wales, British Council and Spirit of 2012. Since 2013 Unlimited has awarded over £1.8 million to ambitious disabled artists working in theatre, visual arts, literature and music. These artworks resulted in 2,323 performance and exhibition days, which were seen by 132,059 people. 






“Kaite O’Reilly is a writer to cherish.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.


“…high quality, provocative, challenging.” Jo Verrent, Senior Producer, UNLIMITED.


“a call for the redefinition of disability and how it is viewed in society…  Just like water, And Suddenly I Disappearis renewal; its representations are fluid and its diversity is refreshing.  And just as in water, it promises to make more waves.” Centre 42, Singapore (review of Singapore premiere).


“Sara Beer is really funny. I mean, very, very funny…” Disability Arts Online(March 2018)


“O’Reilly passionately believes in the need to stage issues of disability in mainstream theatre. Her award-winning work…stands testimony to this passion.” British Theatre Guide




And Suddenly I Disappear is produced in the UK by The Llanarth Group. For production information contact:


Phillip Zarrilli

Executive Producer: Kaite O’Reilly’s And Suddenly I Disappear

Artistic Director, The Llanarth Group

Tyn y parc

Llanarth SA47 0PB

01545 580376; 07557 416831

richard III redux at GRENZENLOSKULTUR TheaterFestival, Mainz, GermanY 20 September, 2018

After premiering 08 March 2018 at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, and touring Wales through 23rd March, richard III redux heads to Mainz, Germany for a performance on 20 September, 2018 as part of this year's Grenzenloskoultur Theater Festival ('Theater without Boundaries'). 

UPDATED: 01/04/2018


Arts Scene in Wales: ‘…unpredictable… evokes laughter and reflection in equal measure…intimate…witty…ingenious…commanding and nuanced…thought provking…uncompromisingly funny…great power and impact…brave…’

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @ panopticphotos

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @ panopticphotos

British Theatre Guide: ‘…a bold, informative, occasionally traumatic, and irreverently amusing 70 minutes of theatre.’

Wales Critics Fund review (5*): ‘dynamite theatre… an absorbing exercise in personal insight, humour, pathos and historical amendments’.

The Stage: ‘an incendiary look at the lack of inclusivity in theatre.’

Theatre Wales Review: ‘Sara Beer’s Richard is…captivating…confirmed by the loud, loving, standing ovation…’

Disability Arts Onliine Magazine: ‘Sara Beer is ‘really funny. I mean, very, very funny…[she] has…oodles and oodles of on-stage charm. Audiences love her, whether she’s sending herself up as a would-be diva or revealing her younger self. This audience was no exception, laughing one moment and then the next hanging on her every word… go and see it. You won’t regret it.’

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @panopticphotos

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @panopticphotos

Wales Arts Review:  ‘…Redux is a strong piece of work… Redux is full of grenades…dropped with disarming gentility by Beer….Beer is…charming and erudite, extremely good company…a damning indictment of an industry that actively discourages disabled actors from entering…’