‘Processes of imagining’

Phillip Zarrilli & Kaite O’Reilly

At the Tyn y parc CVN Kalari/Studio

Llanarth, Wales


This summer’s annual intermediate/advanced intensive will focus on the relationship between the preparatory psychophysical training and ‘processes of imagining’. At the heart of any creative process is the ‘work’ of ‘imagining’. How can we better understand processes of imagining in our embodied work on stage, and in the creative process? Processes of imagining will be explored (1) through application workshop exercises led by Phillip; (2) through writing exercises led by Kaite; and (3) in occasional talks/discussions in/around issues of ‘imagining’, and ‘imagining’ as a phenomenon and process.


The focus of this year’s annual summer intensive is a result of Phillip’s ongoing process of reflection on the acting as a phenomenon and process, and a chapter in his new book. (toward) a phenomenology of acting which he expects to submit to Routledge Press some time in late January, 2019.




Dates: 15-26 July, 2019


Monday 15 July: Arrivals by 18:00-19:00 for evening meal


Tuesday 16 July: 10:00-13:00 Training session 1; 15:00-18:00 Training session 2


Wednesday 17 July through Thursday 25th daily schedule [except for half-day off at some point]: 

10:00-13:00 morning training session 

15:00-18:00 application and/or workshops with occasional talks/discussions


Friday 26 July:

            10:00-13:00 final morning session

            14:00 Departures after lunch



Note: due to production/rehearsal obligations either side of the dates of the Summer Intensive, there will be no Beginner’s Intensive in 2019, and we will complete our time together on Friday 26thrather than Saturday 27th.


COSTS: (on-site 720 [fully waged] 660 [not fully waged]; Off-site  620 [fully wages] 560 [not fully waged]