richard III redux at GRENZENLOSKULTUR TheaterFestival, Mainz, GermanY 20 September, 2018

After premiering 08 March 2018 at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, and touring Wales through 23rd March, richard III redux heads to Mainz, Germany for a performance on 20 September, 2018 as part of this year's Grenzenloskoultur Theater Festival ('Theater without Boundaries'). 

UPDATED: 01/04/2018


Arts Scene in Wales: ‘…unpredictable… evokes laughter and reflection in equal measure…intimate…witty…ingenious…commanding and nuanced…thought provking…uncompromisingly funny…great power and impact…brave…’

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @ panopticphotos

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @ panopticphotos

British Theatre Guide: ‘…a bold, informative, occasionally traumatic, and irreverently amusing 70 minutes of theatre.’

Wales Critics Fund review (5*): ‘dynamite theatre… an absorbing exercise in personal insight, humour, pathos and historical amendments’.

The Stage: ‘an incendiary look at the lack of inclusivity in theatre.’

Theatre Wales Review: ‘Sara Beer’s Richard is…captivating…confirmed by the loud, loving, standing ovation…’

Disability Arts Onliine Magazine: ‘Sara Beer is ‘really funny. I mean, very, very funny…[she] has…oodles and oodles of on-stage charm. Audiences love her, whether she’s sending herself up as a would-be diva or revealing her younger self. This audience was no exception, laughing one moment and then the next hanging on her every word… go and see it. You won’t regret it.’

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @panopticphotos

Photo by Paddy Faulkner @panopticphotos

Wales Arts Review:  ‘…Redux is a strong piece of work… Redux is full of grenades…dropped with disarming gentility by Beer….Beer is…charming and erudite, extremely good company…a damning indictment of an industry that actively discourages disabled actors from entering…’